Num Banh Chock Kani

Num Banh Chock Kani


500 g of fillet snakehead fish | 200 ml of coconut cream | 1500 ml of water | ? cup of fish sauce | ? cup of fermented fish sauce | 2 tablespoon of minced roast rice

Side dishes

1 cup of Crab Stick shred | Vermicelli | Bean sprout | scald banana bud sliced | string bean sliced | cucumber sliced into strips (scoop out filling) | peppermint

Ingredients of chilli paste

? cup of shred lemongrass | 2 tablespoons of shred wild ginger | 1 tablespoon of chopped galangal | 4 pierces of garlic | 2 pieces of chopped shallot | 5 pieces of soaked dried chilli | ? teaspoon of turmeric powder


1. Pound all ingredients of chilli paste

2. Boiled water and add fish fillet boil until cooked and scoop up

3. Pounded chilli paste and fish fillet, put in soup (no.2), add coconut cream stir well until boiled, seasoning with fish sauce, fermented fish sauce and roast rice.

4. Put vermicelli in a plate, ladle soup (no.3), serve with Crab Stick and side dishes.


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