Growing Fresh Wasabi is harder than you think.

The Fresh Wasabi was originally many people might think that not very expensive. Just!! use it for a little while not used a lot but in truth, before we actually got fresh wasabi, it was very expensive because of wasabi or fresh wasabi There are many steps to take care and takes a long time to plant.

Steps to take care of an extremely difficult wasabi plant. Can say that almost every step from water preparation, soil preparation. Fresh wasabi needs a lot of water but not much until the flooding because wasabi must be in a wet place all the time. Have to wait several days to put water on especially when the weather is dry and hot because wasabi must be in a wet place.

Therefore can be easily infected with diseases and mold If you see which tree begins to wither Immediately withdraw it or it will spread to other plants. And if anyone is thinking of investing in planting having said that you will have to spend 1 year or more to be able to harvest the produce. You have to check to see which tree begins to get sick, It's will invite friends in the sickbed together. If not timely, I can assure you that I was withdrawing the whole wasabi plant. But must accept that Fresh wasabi is a very lucrative plant. Because it generates up to 160 USD per gram (5,312 baht per gram).

So, before we get fresh wasabi made wasabi to wasabi paste for eaten with sushi, until becoming that wasabi sushi Very difficult, must take care and not lose like a lover. All of you readers.


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